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My guiding principles are rooted in our constitutional republic that protects individual freedom, enables self-governance and limits the power of federal government. Coming from a socialist country, I understand big government leads to low efficiency, corruption and totalitarian dictatorship. I will strive to build a state government that works for you, not career politicians. 

1. Taxes

I support lower taxes, free market economics, common-sense regulation and job growth.  One key difference between my opponent and I is that I am for creation of wealth and he is for redistribution of it.  My opponent co-sponsored the Fair Share Amendment that would increase your income tax.  It is the ballot question #1.  Every state that has tried this has failed. During the last few years, 21 states have reduced or removed their income tax; 13 states have cut their corporate tax.  This is a direction many states are taking to to keep more money in the pocket of taxpayers and improve economic climate to attract more businesses coming.

My opponent voted NO to farm fuel tax rebate[1], voted NO to suspend state gas tax[2], voted NO to increase the cap on income tax credits for seniors[3], voted NO to lower short term capital gain tax[4] and vote NO to lower estate Tax threshold[5].  These amendments provide meaningful tax relief to our hardworking citizens and seniors at a time of unprecedented surplus.  I would vote YES in all those opportunities.  I will fight for you to keep Massachusetts affordable.

[1] Amendment #465 to H.4700 [2] Amendment #1474 to H.4700 [3] Amendment #470 to H.4700 [4] Amendment #469 to H.4700 [5] Amendment #468 to H.4700

2. Government Transparency

I believe government transparency is the foundation of our republic.  Our current representative voted NO to publish full committee votes online and make committee testimony available as a public record (H68 RC5).  He also voted NO to requiring bills to be released 48 hours before a vote so that representatives and the public have time to read legislation (H3930 RC63). I would vote YES to promote government transparency and gain trust from the public. 

3. Safe Community

We need to stop demonizing and defunding the law enforcement.  Across Massachusetts, police chiefs say hiring and retaining officers is a challenge.  Let's learn lessons form some far-left states that are soft on crime and failed to provide a safe community.  People are fleeing those states in fear of being victims.  I support investing necessary resources to fight crime, improving the quality and effectiveness of our police agencies and build safe communities.

4. Education

I am committed to provide the best educational opportunities for the next generation. We must ensure that we receive a fair and equitable share of state local aid, so we don't have to burden local tax payers with property tax increases.  We need to honor parental rights while working with teachers and school officials for the benefit and safety of students.  I support strong curriculums and more parental involvement in the classroom.

Our curriculums must include:  teaching self-discipline & responsibility, personal finance management, accurate history. I also believe that our children must examine failed communist experiments in Russia, China and around the world during the last century. 

5. Local Aid

I am strongly committed to ensuring that our district gets its fair share of Chapter 70 local aid.  We are losing more and more money to cities that have not performed well due to bad policies.   I am a strong believer that local towns and cities know how to best spend their own money. 

6. The 1st & 2nd Amendments

I support the 1st & 2nd Amendments as they are foundations of the Bill of Rights.  Coming from a country where these rights are deprived, I especially cherish these bill of rights as they are cornerstones of our republic civilization.  

Committee to Elect Raymond Xie
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